1. Go to WorkValues (https://workvalues.io), and switch to the sign up page by clicking on the Get started button on the top right corner of your screen.

2. If you have a LinkedIn or Facebook account already, we recommend that you click the Continue with LinkedIn or Continue with Facebook buttons and skip to step 3. 

2a. If you don't want to register with LinkedIn or Facebook, fill in your first name, last name, your email address and your password. Once you're done, tick the I'm not a robot and follow the instructions on your screen. After you've finished, you can click the Register button and you'll receive an email like the one below.

2c. Please check your email and click the underlined text to confirm your email address - you'll see the below page when that's done. 

2d. Click on the Go to the login page button, fill in your account details and click on Log in to WorkValues.

3. Once logged in, you will see a one-time prompt with information regarding your privacy, and you'll have to accept the terms and conditions by ticking the first box (if you do not tick this box within 30 days of registering with us, your account will be deleted), and, if you want to get our newsletter, the second one too. Finally, click on Continue to proceed.

4. We're now going to set up your candidate profile - we'll ask you a couple of questions regarding your knowledge, location, education, experience and your workplace values. Follow the instructions on-screen and finish by pressing the Show my job matches button or the Continue applying button (will only appear if you started browsing from a job post).

5. You've made it - you can now see your job matches and start applying. One more suggestion though - before applying, take a look at the profile completion bar and try to raise it as high as possible to increase your chance of getting noticed by recruiters - click Update your profile on the center-right side of your screen and start adding your professional experience and education.

Good luck with your job search!